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Case Study: Wellbore Diagram Tool

The wellbore diagram on the right updates in response to user input in the form on the left.

Project Details

Client: Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC)

Dates: 9/2020 -2/2021


• Application Design

• Database Design

• Web Application Development


• C#, ASP.NET Core

• Microsoft SQL Server

• Vue.js


The Wellbore Diagram Tool was designed to assist users in understanding the downhole construction of existing and proposed oil and gas wellbores. A schematic of a wellbore is an important piece of information at many points during the well's lifecycle. This includes construction design, the submission of drilling permit applications, completion reports, and plugging applications.

List of wells
The list of wells allows for searching, sorting and filtering.

The tool pulls in wellbore feature data automatically from an outside database (if it exists) and displays the wellbore graphically. The data relating to the configuration of the wellbore (e.g. features, top, bottom, diameter) can be edited and the diagram updates in real time. The user can create multiple diagrams per wellbore to review different potential configurations and to save configuration changes through time. The application was also built with future system integrations in mind.

By providing a real-time wellbore diagramming application, the software enables users to model different scenarios and more quickly understand downhole configuration. This ensures staff are aligned in their understanding and have the tools to make informed decisions.


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