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About Us

Tech that works for you

With diverse backgrounds both in and out of tech, we bring a range of perspectives and ideas to every project.

We speak English, not technical-ese.

We know the right questions to ask to deliver on your strategic goals.

We take project management seriously to keep everything on time and on budget.

We help small businesses and organizations reap the benefits of technology, so they can not only adapt but thrive in a fast-changing world.

With a focus on geographic information systems (GIS) and web app development, we work with clients who do real things in the real world - conservation organizations, regulatory agencies, water utilities, and companies in the oil and gas, forestry, and energy sectors.

They walk away with useful data and automated insights that help them make confident strategic decisions.

These are the values that drive our work:


We value communication – in both words and visual design – that boils complicated issues, problems, and insights down to what really matters.


We believe everyone would be better off if people focused more on creating value in their business relationships rather than maximizing personal gain.


Nothing motivates us more than seeing our clients and customers make tangible, measurable progress toward their goals.


We started our own company because we want to be in control of the work we do. We help our clients and customers build their own internal capacity so they can feel more confident and independent too.

A rock nerd geologist by training and an entrepreneur at heart, Alex brings broad experience in project management, GIS, database design, and the natural sciences. He’s consulted on a wide variety of projects from GIS implementations for small conservation organizations to large software development projects for state regulatory agencies. No matter the client, he loves digging into complex problems to uncover elegant solutions.

He’s also an incredible cook, a passable photographer, and a novice but enthusiastic snow kiteboarder.

Founder & Managing Director

Alexander Code

Joshua's positive nature, helping attitude and great communication skills might make you think that he’s not a deeply technical person. Don’t be fooled. Joshua has extensive experience in both consulting and product development along with an MS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota Duluth. His technical knowledge extends across full stack, mobile and embedded system development. He loves teaching others and sharing knowledge.

Joshua is an avid Linux enthusiast, whose private network makes some corporate networks seem like child’s play. When not tinkering, he enjoys hiking, traveling and a good movie.

Technical Director

Joshua Clark

Jessica’s unconventional background as a history-major-turned-computer-programmer makes her uniquely suited to bridge the gap between clients’ needs and tech solutions. With a masters degree in GIS & web map development from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she uses Python, JavaScript, Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS and other libraries to wrangle data into dynamic web maps that help clients understand exactly what’s happening on the ground. She’s also the incredibly organized glue that keeps projects on track and on budget.

A former college athlete, Jessica now expends her seemingly inexhaustible energy mountain biking and cross country skiing in Northern Michigan.

GIS Developer & Project Manager

Jessica Kane

Douglas’s analytic nature dates back to his childhood when, at the age of 10, he created a statistics-based hockey board game. Today he uses that analytical focus and an array of technologies (Python, Java, SQL and JavaScript) to create software and data analyses that are useful, usable, and beautiful. Before joining Line 45, he worked on large public sector systems doing application development and optimization.

We don’t recommend playing fantasy league hockey against him – his team-making algorithms are yet to be beat.

Senior Software Developer

Douglas Code

Our leadership team:

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