In the Newspaper!

Written by , February 4, 2015

A couple weeks ago, a writer from our local paper, The Gaylord Herald Times, contacted us about writing a piece about Line 45.  Today that article was published.  Many thanks to Ben Mero for the nice write-up.  Not only did he do a good job, but the publicity is just the kind of thing a start-up […]

First Impressions & Elevator Speeches

Written by , February 1, 2015

We’ve barely started and I’m already afraid we screwed things up.  It’s our webpage and I’m kicking myself because I feel like we’ve missed an opportunity.  We got a bunch of views from our initial outreach and marketing, but how many of the people who visited it really understand what we do?  I’m guessing right […]


Written by , January 27, 2015

Hi! Welcome to the Line 45 family! We’re just getting started here. If you’re reading this then you’ll get to see Line 45 grow from the start. We’re excited and hope you are too. With Line 45 we hope to connect with people and to help them better understand their surroundings and the world at […]