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Fetch and Combine CSV Files from the Web

Written by , November 11, 2016

Sceenshot of output.csv

If you’ve ever analyzed large amounts of data, you know that it can be time consuming to get all the data you need into one place.  Data providers (often government agencies) frequently provide the data online in a comma delimited format (aka CSV).  The data is regularly broken down into multiple files to provide smaller downloads or to provide […]

Resources for Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Utilities

Written by , November 8, 2016

Green Infrastructure - stormwater

We’re currently conducting research on data management for water utilities.  Since we have a number of readers who are interested in water management, we wanted to share some resources that could be useful for water, wastewater and stormwater utilities as they plan for the future. Short descriptions and links for you to explore more information […]

Mapping Pollutants with Leaflet.js

Written by , July 21, 2016

There are plenty of of ways to visualize data, but mapping data is one of the most powerful ways to make it immediately mean something to the viewer.  Creating maps that make data meaningful is satisfying for some of the same reasons I like doing the dishes. This might seem like a weird comparison, but bear […]

Living in Claude Shannon’s Hometown

Written by , May 12, 2016

Claude Shannon: “The most important man you’ve probably never heard of.” On April 30 you may have noticed this Doodle on Google’s homepage, celebrating the 100th birthday of Claude Shannon. As a technology-based company, we wouldn’t exist if not for Shannon. His contributions to Information Theory led to developments like the mobile phone, deep space missions, and […]

Drones & Aerial Data Collection

Written by , April 12, 2016

We are excited to announce that we’ve taken the first steps towards being able to offer aerial data collection services to our customers. At the end of March we submitted our application to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to be able to operate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), popularly known as drones, for commercial purposes. Although some […]