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Tech Terminology: GIS & Mapping

Written by , June 16, 2015

Last month I wrote about being a “tech translator.”  While the biggest part of being a translator is seeing through the jargon to what people are talking about at its root, knowing the terminology sure helps along the way. My Grandpa helped me understand language.  He worked for Merriam-Webster and had a background in linguistics and lexicography (you […]

Tech Translators – Helping Businesses Meet Their Needs

Written by , May 18, 2015

I have always been drawn to the edge.  This draw has manifested itself in many ways in my life.  Geographically, it has taken me to the periphery of ecosystems – to the water’s edge, to the edge of the mountain and to many other transitional places. The most obvious example is my time spent rock climbing, […]

Run Mapping

Written by , March 30, 2015

If you’ve read our About Us page you’ll know that I’m an outdoors guy.  I love being outside and doing just about anything.  I was fortunate enough to make friends with a great guy in college who had similar ambitions (or perhaps obsessions) and we took a lot of amazing trips to amazing places.  Interestingly enough, […]

What We Do – Part 3: Data Analysis

Written by , March 30, 2015

Data analysis.  It sounds fun doesn’t it?  Frankly, a lot of people would probably rather take a stick in the eye. Not us. Why?  Well… we’ve established that our team isn’t made up of “normal” people.  We’re a little quirky.  More than that, we’re very curious.  We like to understand the world around us, the […]

What We Do – Part 2: Mapping

Written by , February 16, 2015

In our previous post we talked about “Mapping” which is probably the most familiar thing Line 45 does, to most people at least.  That means we can jump right into the cool stuff. We make maps! There are tons of things Line 45 can make a map of.  These can include: Parks Properties Stores Building Interiors Natural […]