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Welcoming Douglas to our Team

Written by , April 30, 2018

We are excited to announce the addition of Douglas Code to our team as a Technical Lead. In this role he will add to our software development capabilities and use of cloud technologies to better serve our clients. Douglas holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from The College of Wooster. He primarily works in […]

Updates from the Line 45 Team

Written by , May 18, 2017

Line 45 website

It has been a while since we’ve posted and a lot has been going on.  Since our last posts, we’ve been busy looking at the direction of our business and making changes to orient Line 45 for future growth.  The following shares updates on some of our key efforts. Refining Our Goals When we started […]

Products vs. Services

Written by , May 23, 2016

There are generally two broad categories of businesses: those that make things and those that do things.  This is the products vs. services debate.  When starting Line 45, we focused on being a company that does things.  In that, we have focused on providing services to clients to help them achieve their goals.  Sometimes this meant […]

Jess joins in, full-time!

Written by , March 6, 2016

It has been an exciting new year at Line 45 and we’re pleased to announce that we’re growing!  A new member has joined in full-time.  While Jess is not exactly new around here, the opportunity to stop juggling both a full-time job and Line 45 work will allow her to focus on bringing all of her talents to […]

Listening to Understand

Written by , September 30, 2015

Listen Carefully On a recent trip, Jess and I were visiting with her aunt Nancy in Oxford, OH.  Her Nancy was talking about philosophy and how, in making philosophical arguments, listening is such an important (and often forgotten) aspect of creating and refining ideas.  She repeated a phrase that had reminded her of the teachings of […]