Welcoming Douglas to our Team

Written by , April 30, 2018

We are excited to announce the addition of Douglas Code to our team as a Technical Lead. In this role he will add to our software development capabilities and use of cloud technologies to better serve our clients.

Douglas holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from The College of Wooster. He primarily works in Java, SQL, and Python.  Before coming to Line 45 Douglas worked on enterprise software solutions for state governments. When he is not coming up with eloquent solutions for complex problems, Douglas enjoys hanging out with his cat (Mango), writing and playing piano and guitar.

Douglas Code

What’s next for Douglas?

Line 45 spends a lot of time working with clients in nuanced, detail-oriented and data rich fields.  We aim to develop intuitive, informative and elegant solutions that engage people. Douglas’s passion for building powerful but easy-to-use software will help us take our solutions to the next level.

What this means for Line 45…

As a result of bringing Douglas on, we are shifting some of our attention to developing our own products.  We want to build tools that help people do what they do, better. We feel that moving into products will help us engage a larger audience in a more beneficial and scalable way.  Due to Douglas’s help, we will be able to spend more time working with our community to deliver products that make their work easier and more engaging. Stay tuned!