Updates from the Line 45 Team

Written by , May 18, 2017

Line 45 website

It has been a while since we’ve posted and a lot has been going on.  Since our last posts, we’ve been busy looking at the direction of our business and making changes to orient Line 45 for future growth.  The following shares updates on some of our key efforts.

Refining Our Goals

When we started our business, we saw lots of opportunities and possibilities.  This was extremely exciting and we wanted to keep those opportunities wide open so that we didn’t focus too narrowly and we could get experience providing a variety of services to many kinds of clients.  This has been a good experience and we’ve gotten to do some great projects.  However, as we’ve gotten busier and busier, we’ve needed to focus on the things that we do best and enjoy most.  With that, we’ve focused our business on providing mapping, GIS, and software solutions to the environmental and natural resource sectors.  This focus draws on our own expertise in natural resources and allows us to provide a bridge between natural resource companies and the technology which allows them to be more efficient and more effective.

Growing Our Team

Welcome Ben GIS Analyst Programmer

Ben Romlein – GIS Specialist & Developer

Welcome Steve UAV/Drone Pilot

Steve Buyze – Pilot & Environmental Specialist

If you check out our About page, you’ll notice that we’ve added Benjamin Romlein and Steven Buyze to our team.  Steve is our UAV/Drone pilot.  He is a geologist by training and provides expertise in the environmental and regulatory fields.

Ben is an experienced GIS analyst and developer.  He holds a master’s degree in Information Science from Indiana University in Bloomington and worked for a number of years with a civil engineering firm.  He brings a wealth of knowledge in the Esri/ArcGIS stack, data manipulation with Python, data modeling and database design, cartography, SQL, and front end development with JavaScript and OpenLayers. His past work includes building custom geoprocessing tools, CAD to GIS conversions, business development, and implementing GIS systems for power utilities in the Great Lakes region.  Ben and Steve have added technical expertise, a fresh perspective, great ideas and much needed help to our team.

Upgrading Our Image


We just released our new website which we built using Bootstrap and Material Design concepts. We also updated the content to better reflect what we do.  Please check it out and let us know what you think: www.line-45.com.

Planning for the Future

We continue to look forward to and plan for the future.  We’ve started working with GIS Cloud to provide a cloud infrastructure that we can implement for clients whether they’re wanting to take their GIS to the next level or provide access to team members in a variety of locations.

We will also work with Boundless Geo to provide enterprise level support and implementation of open sources GIS systems that lower costs, avoid vendor lock-in and provide excellent functionality that can drive any business.

Expect to hear more about these topics and others in the coming months.

– Alex