GIS Consulting & Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can provide insights into your organization's business processes and un-met opportunities. By putting your data on the world in which it exists, GIS allows organizations to see patterns more quickly and easily than ever before.

Data Collection

To make good decisions you need good data. Field data collection can be delivered with sub-meter accuracy and our backgrounds help us collect meaningful data that furthers your mission.

GIS Services

Sometimes you don't have the time and sometimes you don't have the know-how. We provide specialized GIS services that range from full project management to scripting and automation.

GIS Planning & Configuration

The first step is often the hardest. Professional help during planning and set-up can reduce systems costs and maximize the benefits. Every organization is different, shouldn't each GIS reflect that?

Open Source & Proprietary GIS

The benefits of Open Source software are numerous but few organization are familiar with these solutions and their capabilities. We specialize in understanding Free and Open Source Software for geospatial applications because we believe they can often replace or compliment proprietary offerings, thereby reducing vendor lock-in and reducing technology costs.


Free and Open Source GIS software reduces barriers to entry for organizations and their staff. This allows more people to have GIS and increases organizational benefits.


The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) sets standards that ensure data works across systems. This means that your organization has the flexibility to move to new solutions when you need to without big conversion costs.


Improved scalability due to affordable costs and applications architected to suit a range of sizes and needs.

illustration representing a GIS technology stack

Powerful Capabilities

Free doesn't mean light on features. Open source GIS is used by many governments, companies and start-ups.

Support & Documentation

Enterprise-grade support is available for open source and hybrid GIS systems. Many open source solutions have rich documentation and we work with organizations to provide professional support services for open source GIS solutions.

Hybrid GIS

It's not either or, it's both. Open source and proprietary solutions can be complimentary. Use open source for the masses and proprietary for the specialists.